Friday, May 20, 2011

Salty Dog Race Report

After spending 2 weeks ski traversing, nothing better then a 6 hours enduro bike race to put you back in summer mode. Last Sunday was the 10th edition of the Salty Dog, a popular enduro race in Salmon Arm BC. Since I registered back in January, I was kinda committed to it plus I was looking forward to getting the first long ride of the season under my belt.

More then 400 racers showed up for the event with a growing number of female attendances! The race course was the same as usual with a mix of dirt road and single tracks covering just over 10 kms.

Just after 10 am, the race started with a Leman start in a park near the South Canoe trail network. We ran around on grass for a while before retrieving our bikes and off we went! The weather was ideal for the event…I’d say better then last year since it was not too warm. There was a lot of spectator on the course particularly near the finish/start area, which is always great especially in the last hour of riding.

With that long of a race, you just hope your bike will stay intact with a minimum of mechanical. Thx to the guys at Skookum, my blue machine was working just fine!

Result wise, Correy Wallace had an amazing performance completing 10 laps in 6:15 minutes!

There was also a fair amount of people from Revelstoke doing the race solo and in team and everyone did amazing and most importantly had a great time! On my side, I was going for a consistent race hoping to have a better overall time then last year… and it worked! Despite double leg cramps after the 5th lap, I kept on fueling and tried to think about something else while completing 3 extra laps. You can find the full results here:

As well, here’s a video showing what the race course is like!

Thx to all the volunteers and organizers who were out there on race day!

Also, I’d like to share a link to a new bike movie produce and directed by two of Andrews great friend! Kevin Landry is an amazing upcoming rider and so his movie (and Tyler Loughran’s ) deserve to be watched!

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