Tuesday, September 13, 2011

G3 2012 Graphik Contest

Another season, another chance to get your RAD graphic on a pair of G3 skis!

Every year, when September comes around, it’s a sign the ski season is getting closer. Even if a lot of us have been thinking about skiing since the last time we had our skis attached to our feet, the fireweed changing color, the day getting shorter and the cooler mornings are obvious signs that winter is on it’s way!

For yet another season, G3 just launched their popular “Ski Graphik Contest.” This is a great opportunity to get creative and design a graphic for your favorite G3 skis. It is pretty simple. Dig for the artist in you, yet your idea on paper, post your sweet design at : http://www.g3skigraphiks.com, and watch how the public respond to your design as the winner is the graphic which receives the most vote.

You can find all the rules and details of the contest at: http://www.g3skigraphiks.com,

Also, take a second to have a look at the new ski selection for 2011/2012: http://www.genuineguidegear.com/gear/skis

I’m thinking the “Infidel” may be a wicked ski for just and other amazing season!

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