Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yoho Running Traverse

Burgess Pass & Emerald Lake

So many time I drove through Yoho National Park and wanted to stop and discover it's beauty but never had the chance to. Finally this weekend, Andrew McNab and I did a run traverse that was very scenic and enjoyable through this breathtaking National beauty!

We started the adventure just outside of Field on the Burgess Trail. 52 switchbacks and 900m later, we started to see why this plan was a fantastic idea. Actually the climb was not so bad with flat sections between each zig-zag, the gain of elevation was quite manageable and the flats gave us time to find our breath back!  From the top of Burgess Trail, we started to run towards Yoho lake on a gradual descending trail which was ways above beautiful Emerald Lake. The side hill alpine rolling terrain made for fast travel in the alpine. The surrounding landscape all the way to Yoho Lake was simply stunning. A quick dip in the lake and off we were to climb to Yoho pass and gain the Iceline Trail. This amazing trail brought us just under amazing glacier and above the alpine vegetation with views of the spectacular Takakkaw Falls.
We ran all the way to Little Yoho and the Stanley Mitchel Hut. From there it was down all the way to Laughing falls and a flat 2 kms along the Yoho River.
Back at Takakkaw Falls Parking lot, I changed gear and jumped on my road bike (previously dropped) and rode the 16 km back to the car to complete the loop. It was such a great way to finish the day and not a bad way to allow the for the legs to recover from this 33km run traverse.  Pictures are worth 1000 words!

Burgess Pass down to Yoho Lake

Yoho Lake

Andrew on the Iceline

Run towards Little Yoho

Not done yet...!
Switch Gear down the Yoho Valley Rd

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