Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Standard Peak & Walk in the Park

Sunny long weekend = Nice adventures!

On the to do list was Standard peak which is an additional 20 km to the already fabulous Keystone Standard Basin  Mountain Bike Alpine trail.
What an amazing day to be in the Alpine!

Following was a hike/run in Glacier National Park. The objective was Mt Sifton but due to a few factors, we made it to the Col Ursus Major/Sifton but still enjoyed an other beautiful day under the sun!

Last few Steps up the Standard

The objective Bike almost from the top of Standard Peak

Frenchman Cap in the Horizon

View from Standard Peak

Standard Peak views down the valley

Ursus/ Sifton Col view

Not a bad place for a snooze... ohhh boys!
Mt Sifton 

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